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Sunday, January 2, 2011

new year.. cuti bola menang.. but still hv to work~ archi-torture..

hye everyone.. hw did u guys spent ur last day before u reach 2011??
 surely everyone pretty happy enjoying ur last day with ur loves one rite?? wth bff, bf, family and so on.. but for me.. sadly still have to work.. architecture student never have to RELAX! 
ops really?? hehe sket2 ade la...
on last 31 december.. my parents anniversary~ aww... sweet~~~ muah2!! love u guys mama & abah!!
ur daughter still bz doing site work.. tk boley rehat la mama.. but i still enjoy!! even penat bdn melekit2.. hehe
 our site to built souq, madrassa and youth residential in cyberjaya.. 
MAKK Aii~ lapang n pnas gegiler... tgk da ade yg berpayung sume.. cm rombongan meminang plak..haha

 grup2 yg tabah study pasal existing vege.. ke nk teduh bwh pokok je.. hehe kantoi2~

 haha yg rendah tu i.. tknk kalah kan.. spec mata besar lg~ panas mama ooooo~

 kan kak ain kan.. panas kan.. tumpang bwh payung ye... eh.. ble nk g gelang emas habib lg kak?? haha

belakang tu building i~

una... nape merendahkan diri tu.. hehe 

 before pegi... kak ily muka ceria je..

event we felt tired that day.. but our last day on 2010 brought us a wonderful journey of moment disamping blja2..
for bebudak archi~ selamt mendesign... hope that we will make them proud of us.. insyallah~

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