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bless them~

Thursday, January 20, 2011

another wedding story~

salam dear readers~
haha i guest for the girls around my age ( yg bru meningkat 20-an), eager to know about this kind of lovely story..
i'm not joining much wedding ceremony, but for me.. every wedding that I've been attended having their own identity and theme which presenting the bride's story.. ohhh...~ 

lovely, calm, romantic, cheer and much more theme they tend to present..
but, whatever it is.. every wedding is WALLAAA!!!

nice to see, nice to feel...hehe

here is the wedding of sister ainil and husband..
me and friends~

perfect match~perfect couple.. they knew each other since school.. how lovely~
 she's a friend of mine's sister~haha..  cik ainul.. who's wearing the blue shawl with white kurung~

white.. so soft and calm..~

farhana?? nk kawen jgk ke? hehe
 saba2.. jgn lgkah bendul ye dek..hehe

 the super Chicky lady haja medina~
 who aimed for a' lady gaga' wedding theme! hahaha

hahahaha... tikashi and kamal... perfect couple too... the becoming bride! amin~

and me? hehehe

we love attending wedding!!! makngah maklong,makteh,makjang~

no komen..tettttttt-

'A good marriage is where two people love each other and decide to screw everything up by forcing themselves to stay together through anything. Here's to your good decision.'

for newly couple,

'May you love and hold each other in the worst of times with trust, faith and belief; hoping the best for you on your auspicious day.'

xoxo, nadia~

siapa comey lagi baek hati, sila klik comey2 disini.. jasa kamu amat dikenang... =)

salam dear readers.. 
 actually we just sending one of our photos to BFF contest organized by eightDesigns Boutique...

luckly our photo have been selected to join this competition.. hope you guys like it and vote for us... tenkiu sweeties!!! <3 muah~

how to vote? easy as picking outfit~ hehe

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    sahabat2.. ringankn jemari anda untuk klikklik yea~ thanks ♥ u!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

khas buat org yg bercinta di luar sana~

manis manis gtu~

Lirik Kalau Cinta – Aliff Aziz & Joanna

Di lubuk hatiku
Adalah kamu
Sebagai ratu

Seluruh jiwaku
Hanya dirimu
Yang aku mahu


Telah ku percayakan
Hati ini padamu
Maka kita tak saling risau
Risau risau risau

Kalau cinta jangan kacau
Kalau sayang tak perlu marah
Kalau ikhlas tak minta berbalas
Serahkan cintamu
Pada yang punya cinta

Di lubuk hatiku
Adalah kamu
Yang aku perlu

Seluruh jiwaku
Hanya dirimu
Yang aku mahu

Ulang Verse

Ulang Chorus

Kau ku perlu
Kau jiwaku
Kau cintaku
Kau ku rindu
Kaulah ratu

Ulang Chorus 3X
Kaulah ratu
Kau kau cintaku
Kau ku rindu
Kau jiwaku

nyanyi ulang2 sampai lebam bibir~

there's no exact word either in dictionary or encyclopedia or even Wikipedia that suit my feeling towards you... its between heart and heart language~

i won't regret of dropping my eye's tears when my heart silently says, 'i miss u...'

btw, PS: I LOVE U................shafix

Promoter beg and kasut~

anda binggung  mncari promoter yg bertauliah lg gigih untuk mengaut untung yg lumayan? TYPE ON kepada kami and SEND kn ke 8888...

hahaha.. bukan ade ape2 ye sje gedik2~ ala mcm korang tkpenah gedik cmni... tkpnah? korang tipuuuuuuu...!
sape tipu bedosa~ huahua~

ble otak sy tk bpe btul... sy akan bercakap bnyk, tk bhenti mkn sambil wt muka kerut2.. untuk luahkan perasaan yg mnjiwai hati sy buat mase sekarang ini... masalah ape? BIARLAH RAHSIA~
 orait untuk melindungi perasaan yg tgh mndidih dlm hati skng ini, sy berhasrat memaparkan wajah2 gedik sy dan teman segedik sy, yg sy rase coooooool laaa... bole laaa... kalu tk coolll pun boley... lantak la korg nk ckp pe...

jnji i fikir i hot!! ops! no no no.. COOL YAWW!

haha sudala mesti mnympah tgk kan... tk kesahla... jnji i ngn shela n yana enjoy buat cmni.. 
lokasi: bilik kesyangn sy sendri..
pakaian: sendri punye
makeup:sendri bikin
perangai: diri sendri
senyuman: ikhlas dr hati sendri

kami syok buang tebiat cmni untuk abeskan mase kebosanan.. kalu korg nk cuba, buatla.. punggh wardrobe, amek bju pelik2 warnenye, pkai wat dunno je suda... pastu, aksikan d hdapan kamera anda! 
looks stupid, but really fun!! selamat  mncuba!!! yeaha!!

best friend is hard to find.. but you are the one who made it to be selected as a best friend among your friends~

chill girls!! 
xoxo i know u love me.. 
and i love you toooo!!!

daaa... salam~

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

masya allah~ nature created by Him..

have u ever think about the greatest creations on Earth? we might neglecting them as we busy doing and managing our daily life.. keep fulfilling our needs and sometimes ignoring the environment.. ohhh! what a useless.. its a reminder for me and for everyone, lets we keep the environment clean as our grandparents did..

 todays entry is just wanna share with u guys some pictures taken while me and family having picnic~ MASYA-ALLAH~ what a wonderful creation by HIM, the only ONE...

my sister... wani and nabila~

great right?... touching cool clear water while hearing bird chipping with the water flowing sound good for therapeutic treatment...

btw, next presenting you guys with other natures... walla!

paddy field wth the huge cloud behind.. really amazing.. masya allah~

kg halamanku yg indah...
motif sebenar: sy mahu pulang ke kedah!! bosan dgn bandar!!!!!!! waaaaaaa!!! nk cuti raye cina.. tiket tkde!


marriage is a must for me~ HAHA

hye dear~ marriage is not just for me.. but for everyone to make the life meaningful and wonderful every moment.. for having a loyal and legal relationship with the forever partner.. =)
insyallah everyone might feel the same and will be facing this through our life~ 

for a girl, marriage is such an amazing day and cannot be describe as wonderful by saying.. but it feels deeply inside our heart that saying 'how amaze if the marriage is mine'~ ohh... hehe

me and cousins, alysa n adila

 my deari kak fiza

my dearie cousin, alysa and kak fiza

haha im just disturbing my cousin's wedding for having the photographs.. who cares? as long as i like it!! yeaha!.. 
orait, im presenting the real bride~

the pretty superb bride, kak anith~

cousin,haris n my sister, wani

my dearie cousins~ 

  amazing right? when it will come to me?? hehe only He knows... insyaAllah~
btw, these pictures are all taken  during my cousin wedding, kak anith and abg nepy.. hope their marriage will last forever and love between them will last till the end of time.. and having a good and happy family~ amiinnn...

after the wedding.. time to kemas2~heeeee-

wedding is prepared by: the bride a.k.a the owner, kak anith, helped by assistant kak piza, me and family.. special thanks to everyone who support and lending your hand for brighting up this wedding event.. supperb!!! cantekkk!!!

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
Mignon McLaughlin 

daa~ xoxo love wedding!