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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

masya allah~ nature created by Him..

have u ever think about the greatest creations on Earth? we might neglecting them as we busy doing and managing our daily life.. keep fulfilling our needs and sometimes ignoring the environment.. ohhh! what a useless.. its a reminder for me and for everyone, lets we keep the environment clean as our grandparents did..

 todays entry is just wanna share with u guys some pictures taken while me and family having picnic~ MASYA-ALLAH~ what a wonderful creation by HIM, the only ONE...

my sister... wani and nabila~

great right?... touching cool clear water while hearing bird chipping with the water flowing sound good for therapeutic treatment...

btw, next presenting you guys with other natures... walla!

paddy field wth the huge cloud behind.. really amazing.. masya allah~

kg halamanku yg indah...
motif sebenar: sy mahu pulang ke kedah!! bosan dgn bandar!!!!!!! waaaaaaa!!! nk cuti raye cina.. tiket tkde!


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