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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

reminder!!!!! turn-on your bio-clock button now!

NADIA!  wake up... could u please just hand-off for all your dreaming buttons in your head.. or in short, make it turns off.. yeah... please stop dreaming now.. i mean.. right now..
focus.... focus on what you plan to do and what should you do..
huh! good..

 i am architecture student... is it a statement or it should be like this? am i an architecture student?? hmm~ let me see... okay to make it fair.. it can be both.. either a brilliant statement or a killer question.. hmm...
forget it nadia... you can't regret anything right now.. what u have to do is just make a true focus on your becoming final exam.. remember.. you have four papers to go... insyaAllah if u make them with your full effort.. they all become yours.. insyAllah....

 make a check list...

  •  building construction paper  31 oct
  • structure paper  4 nov
  • building services paper    9 nov
  • environmental science system   10 nov

  huh! everything would ruin my day for sure.. hmmm i'm tired...please give me strength~

 positive nadia! positive!!
u can... i believe you like to 'read'..is it? haha
and of course u like to jot-down all the notes right?~ hmm hehe plus
with all of your colouful highlighter added with the crazy little creatures drawing on the notes side.. haha
yes you like it!
 then, what are you waiting for... start your day nadia.. the day of STUDY!

wish me luck my lovely friend... and i hope you guys can do the same thing... we do it together... turns off the lazy button.. and ON the study BUTTON.. yeah..~

here, i'd like to wish best of luck to my love, shafix..
he 's getting his test n final soon..
and for my pretty gorgeous friends, jannah, acik, lily, tin pkah, tin nashwah. ilham, fana, intan, shela, and not forget to be mentioned here.. everybody who seats for this becoming exam.... GOOD LUCK AND DO THE BEST!
 pray with effort will bring u whatever your wish to be true.. insyAllah..

salam~ happy final exam...


  1. yeah like it s0 much!
    u 2 dear,, quick!let the study butt0n ON till 10Nov..hehe~
    adoi..my butt0n neh s0metimes ter0FF seniri lh.
    it's ok.jom2 atin, STUDY.ALL THE BEST 4 US.
    WE CAN MAKE IT.insyaAllah.
    Go ARCHITECTURE!Go PHARMACY!hee love ya~~~=)

  2. hehe thanks my dear janah! tu la i pun asyik dok teroff je ni.. haha wake up!!!! k go2 architecture.. go2 pharmacy!

  3. gewd lux tin gOjes..
    t keyta jmpa kayh =)

  4. thanks atin yg cantek.... insyallah kita jmpa eh... =)

  5. hoho..
    exam da abes an,,
    go for foture architorture.eh!i mean architecture,,^_^